The telehousing service is designed for customers who already use one of the other services and then need to implement access to their network. 

Main characteristics of telehousing: 

  • Providing space to place the company’s own customer technology
    •  providing space to place the company’s own rack
    • provision of space in the Energotel rack
    • providing a roof space for the company’s own mast
    • providing a position for Energotel masts
  • Power supply with uninterrupted 230 V AC
  • Availability of technology 24/7
  • Technical Support and Troubleshooting Help 24/7
  • The technical parameters of the space correspond to the requirements of the technological telecommunication areas

Where to find us

Energotel, a.s.
Miletičova 7
821 08  Bratislava
The Slovak Republic