Cyber security training

Most organizations communicate digitally and operate in cyberspace through their websites, e-mail or social networks. As experience shows, the human factor is the most important cause of cyber security incidents - whether in the form of ignorance or irresponsible behavior in the use of technology or in deliberate acts. It is essential to provide continuous training for employees and suppliers.

Our company offers training in the field of cyber security in the form of online courses, which the employee or supplier can study according to their own time schedule.

The course explains why we need to protect ourselves from the threats posed by an Internet and cyber space in general. You will learn the basic principles of information security in the form of confidentiality, integrity and availability, about the digital assets of the company and how to protect yourself from cyber threats. You will familiarize yourself with the basic element of cyber security management - the user authentication process. We will discuss authentication factors in detail, along with examples, tips and recommendations. We will focus on social engineering, proper responses to phishing e-mail, protection against malicious code, proper use of USB. Last but not least, you will get acquainted with potential threats that affect the level of physical security.

At the end of the course, the employee or supplier evaluates their knowledge and understanding in a short test.

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