Layout of networks


Statement on the existence of underground telecommunication networks

Energotel provides a statement on the design documentation or the existence of underground telecommunications networks on the basis of a request for a statement, which must include:

  • identification data of the applicant and the investor
  • the subject of the application, indicating the name of the building, the location and the parcel number
  • a shortened PD (situation) with a plotting of the interest area

The application can be performed in the following ways:

  • by sending e-mails to the listed e-mail contacts according to region
  • by sending the application by post to one of the above-mentioned postal addresses

The statement can also be obtained personally while staying at those addresses. This form of expression must be agreed in advance by telephone for the listed contacts.

Layout of existing underground telecommunication networks

It is necessary to request the establishment of existing underground telecommunication networks by sending an order in the form of a completed and confirmed Order form for the service layout of an underground telecommunications network to the e-mail contact according to region.

Based on the order, you will be contacted by a technician according to region. Upon laying-out, a Report on the Layout of the Underground Telecommunications Networks will be drawn up on-site, which will be the basis for issuing the invoice for the services provided.
If you need to consult us for the statement or laying out of underground telecommunication networks do not hesitate to contact us at the above-mentioned contact points.

Where to find us

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